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Jason Coburn, D.C. - chiropractic

  • Dr.
    Jason Coburn

    Doctor Jason Coburn has a firm belief in the importance of treating the muscles as well as the joints of the body. 'Without restoring both normal joint AND muscle function, the patient will often continue to have relapses of the same symptoms, time and time again. I use a large amount of muscle work in combination with chiropractic adjustments to restore the patient to their optimum state of health. I then provide the patients with education on techniques to prevent future injury, and methods that they can maintain their own health.'

    In addition to a wide variety of other chiropractic techniques, doctor Jason specializes in a technique called Nimmo. This technique involves isolating the source of the patient's pain, whether it is due to problems related to the muscular, skeletal, or nervous system. After correcting the source of the pain, all of the associated muscular dysfunction is then treated by addressing what are called myofascial trigger points (what the average person would call 'knots' in the muscles). This allows the muscles to relax, and the 'pain cycle' to be broken.

    Doctor Jason made the decision to become a chiropractor after discovering the relief it could provide when he sought care himself after experiencing years of debilitating back pain. 'The relief I was given from chiropractic really gave my life back to me, and I wanted to share that with others.' Doctor Jason attended New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY. While there he did an extensive amount of internship at the Veteran's Administration Hospitals in Canandaigua and Rochester. 'I wanted to work with the Veterans because they provided a large number of very challenging and complex cases, and therefore really prepared me for some of the tougher cases I have encountered in practice.'

    Prior to pursuing his career as a chiropractor, Doctor Jason received his undergraduate degree in Plant Breeding from Cornell University. He worked for Cornell for about six years performing molecular biology research, before then working for the US Dept. of Agriculture as a geneticist.

    Techniques practiced: Diversified, Nimmo technique, Thompson Drop Table Technique, Cox (Flexion-Distraction) technique, Instrument assisted techniques (using the IQ Impulse instrument)

We now offer hydrotherapy on our AquaThermassage III table.

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  • "Amazing work performed at this office. Professional and talented. You walk in feeling welcome and walk out part of a great group. My body has been salvaged over and over! The absolute best chiropractors,"
    by Beth - 03/22/2011

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